Public green spaces

When pondering a planting plan for a park or garden, you can consider various groups of plants such as trees and shrubs, but what about flower bulbs? Flower bulbs are enchanting and just a bit magical. Planted during the last months of the year, they start displaying their quality by emerging and blooming as early as January/February. When the first leaf tips of the snowdrops peek up above ground, you know the gardening season has begun again.

During the winter months, parks and gardens look rather lifeless; there’s little colour to enjoy. But flower bulbs are soon going to change all that. The energy displayed by flower bulbs as they start emerging so early in the year is sure to cheer you up. Before you know it, they’re creating a living palette of colour that changes its looks a little with each passing day. Spring flowering bulbs in particular provide an explosion of colour and fragrance in the garden.


Summer bulbs, however, are no less fascinating and attractive. Varieties such as Dahlia, Begonia, Tigridia and Crocosmia keep going for months. Many perennials can’t compare with this kind of performance. And just as you think the bulbous plants have produced their last flowers, an encore of autumn-flowering bulbs comes along. As the garden’s most abundant season is waning, a plant like Colchicum shows its colours.

At home anywhere

Flower bulbs form an extensive group that also includes corms, tubers, rhizomes and root stocks. With so many to choose from, there will always be the right one for any situation: for a mixed perennial border, under fruit trees, in a cutting garden, for traditional or contemporary flower beds, for a romantic or minimalistic garden. Flower bulbs combine beautifully with other plants and trees. All this plus the fact that flower bulbs require scarcely any care other than planting them. These advantages make them a nice product to use in any conceivable plant scheme. Large or small, contemporary or romantic? Flower bulbs feel at home anywhere. Find more information in this brochure.